Zhodino Local Studies Museum

The working group for founding the museum was organized in 1999. By the Decision of Zhodino City Executive Committee on 24 June 2008, Zhodino Local History was opened. In September 2008, the House-Museum of A. E Kupriyanoy became a branch of the museum. It carries out the work on patriotic and spiritual upbringing. By the results of activities, the museum personnel prepared and published the collections of the reports of Radziwills Readings, the brochure Cultural Institutions of Zhodino", the tourist guide "Monuments and Memorials of Zhodino", etc. On 1 January 2012, the main museum fund contained 5,129 items and the reseach additional fund had 1, 997 items, in total - 7,126 items. The museum consists of the following collections: philately, stones and minerals, phaleristics, numismatics and bonistics. There are also rarities such as the book "Count Nulin" (A.S. Pushkin, St. Petersburg, 1827), buttons from the uniforms of French soldiers (War of 1812), coins, articles of weaving and embroidery, the icon (the 19th century), the "Singer" sewing machine, millstones, etc. Today, the museum offers the following services: 1) the excursion "A.F. Kupriyanova and her sons" in the House-Museum of A. F. Kupriyanova (with the movie show "The Obejisks"); 2) the city tour to the monuments "Water Mill" and ' Tserkovishche" ("Church Place"); to the memorial "Cannon" (with the movie show on the history of Zhodino); 3) the guest exhibition "Collection of Numismatics and Bonistics from the Funds of Zhodino Local rlistory Museum as a Reflection of the History of the Town and Country" (with the multimedia show); 4) the guest exhibitionJ'Phaleristics. A Collection of Phaleristics from the Funds of Zhodino Local History Museum" (with the multimedia show); 5) exhibition "The World of Nature" (stuffed animals and birds from the museum funds), etc.
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